New Set of 8 Prints Just Released on my Etsy Shop

Set of 8 Prints, The Muttering Raven, Vivian De Winter

Do you like minimalist art design? Do you have a bare wall that could use a bit of sprucing up? Why not check out my set of eight graphic downloadable prints listed on The Muttering Raven, my Etsy shop. All eight images are available to print in 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20 inches.

Not looking for an entire set? They are also available to purchase individually.

Art Square of the Month

Free Art Square, Jan 2021, Crowded Cabbage Roses

Every month, beginning this January, I will be offering a free PDF download based on one of my original oil pastel paintings. The image dimensions will be 8x8 inches, with an additional built-in white border so you can print them on 8.5x11 inch paper. Yes! You can print them at home.

> The file size for this one in particular is 2.4 MB.
> Resolution: 300 dpi | Colour Profile: RGB

If you have an inkjet printer at home, please use watercolour paper for the best results. Otherwise a bright white card stock paper (minimum 100 lb) with a matt finish would work well.

Colours vary between electronic devices and printers. Results also vary between printers, depending on ink, toner and paper used.

YES, this is free art, but meant for personal use only. Please do not sell prints created with this digital download. Do not sell the digital file. Do not create new products, whether in print or digital format with the intent of commercial use. Thank you.

Download "Crowded Cabbage Roses"
Jan 2021 Art Square of the Month

My Etsy Shop is Open!


As of January 13, 2022, my new ETSY shop, THE MUTTERING RAVEN, is open for business! What am I selling? Digital downloads of my original wall art pieces. Sizes range from 8x10 inches up to 24x36 inches.

What if you find something you like, but you're not sure of the size?
You can buy multiple sizes at a single price!

> Print them at home.
> Print them at your local print shop.
> Print them remotely and have your new art prints shipped to you.

A few samples of what is available:

Etsy Sample Picture

Feel like browsing? Drop by for a few moments…

Creativity Rebooted

IT'S BEEN A LONG while since I paid any attention to this website of mine. I've had many projects in flux and they all seemed to sort of come together towards the end of this year.

I'll be honest. Due to all the Covid lockdowns we have had to endure, my creativity has bloomed. Whether or not we're talking temporary or everlasting is something only the passing of time will reveal. I'm moving forward, encouraged by the optimism that I have cultivated a creative garden filled with perennial ideas.

675 wide border line.001

The Alphabetical Adventure of Uncle Bob and Baby Wilbur

One of those projects was a children's picture book, "The Alphabetical Adventure of Uncle Bob and Baby Wilbur." Something I never thought I'd ever write. It happened, thanks to a visit with my grandson. That's how it started. Playing with two wooden toy fish, who of course needed names. Uncle Bob and Baby Wilbur. Creating those illustrations was so much fun. The rhyming verses proved to be a bit more challenging, but from start to finish, that book was completed and published on Amazon in about a month, even though I only worked on it part-time. That's an indication of the joy and satisfaction involved with a project like this!

675 wide border line.001

Graceful Cartilage COVER 500.001

Another project involved the compilation and release of my adult anthology titled "Graceful Cartilage." It's a collection of short fiction, writing prompt exercises and poetry.

675 wide border line.001

The Vexed Vampire Cover250

About the same time, my daughter also wrote and illustrated a children's picture book titled "The Vexed Vampire." Nothing creepy or scary, because even young vampires worry about what might happen when their first tooth falls out. Well, that AND going to the dentist.

675 wide border line.001

Other projects? Lots and lots of art: using acrylics, watercolours, oil pastels and markers. Not to mention the interesting crochet items I designed and began recording new patterns for.

All of that activity made it a priority to complete a well-timed and well-deserved re-design of my website. I hope that you stay a while and find something to make you smile.

Thank you for stopping by.