Vivian De Winter | writer & artist

Tall Grass Cutting Skin
Cardinal County Series
Work in Progress
Book 5 | Tall Grass Cutting Skin


Inspiration for the Book Title:

Some of the time, a book starts with a haiku poem…

The warm, exhaled breath
of a ravenous wolf cools.
Tall grass, cutting skin

Excerpt | CHAPTER 1

As I rounded the last curve, a low-hanging cloud drifted across the road. The morning sunlight couldn’t cut through it. Anything further than ten feet from my car’s front bumper faded into the white mist. I’d left my car window open. If I couldn’t see it coming straight at me, perhaps I could hear it.

The birds didn’t chirp, squawk or coo.

The air smelled as if the pine trees had voluntarily donated their sap to the fog cloud…

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