As of January 13, 2022,
my new ETSY shop,
THE MUTTERING RAVEN, is open for business!

Looking for a piece of art to hand on your walls?Already have a nice frame, but the old print is faded?Are you looking for something bold?Maybe you would prefer something subdued?hydrangeaabstract acrylic, white, yellow, red and bluemarker painting on paper, two koi in pondacrylic abstract, blue, white and brownI just might have something you would like.

To start off, I'm adding my current assortment of digital download art prints. You'll find abstracts, flowers, plants, landscapes and still life, along with happy and bright images which are suitable for children's rooms.

All digital files are created with the RGB colour profile, at a high resolution of 300dpi, in a PDF file format which retains all the digital details required for stunning prints.

NOTE: Depending on the aspect ratio of the original artwork, specific images will be available in maximum dimensions of either 16" x 20," 24" x 30" OR 24" x 36." If you have a moment, why not browse for a bit.