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Cardinal County Series
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Book 1 |
Augusta Louise



A young girl likes to play with matches.
Sparks lead to fires.
Fires make almost anything disappear.

Augusta Louise
A tragic change in circumstances forces Gussie and her older sister to live with relatives in a nearby town. The fragile balance is upturned when they uncover family secrets responsible for fostering devastating repercussions.

Oblivious to the consequences and ignoring her aunt’s warnings, Gussie travels to the forbidden cabin where she discovers a gun-yielding woman who guards the cabin’s entrance and the origins of an eighteen-year-old transgression.  

Blinded by her unerring persistence, Gussie awakens slumbering wounds, inadvertently inducing an emotional inferno.

Will she decide to allow destiny to take its course or continue to embark on a quest for the truth, dealing with the consequences on her own terms?

Augusta Louise is a story told through the eyes of a perceptive, inquisitive and determined twelve-year-old girl. A story to make you smile, share in a bit of sadness, and above all, question what truly defines a family.

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