Vivian De Winter | writer & artist

Colourful, Tactile, Comfy Glory

I’ve been an avid crocheter since the age of ten and I am still to this day, amazed at what a ball of yarn, crochet hook and a bit of imagination, ingenuity and determination can create.

During times like these, I must create something. One large project. Many small projects. Sometimes, it's a mix of both. Creation during a time of what feels like chaos.

Introducing my yarn stash. Well, one part of it. I frog many things. Yarn is too useful to throw in the garbage.

Most crafters know what they intend to make prior to purchasing yarn. Nowadays, I work in the reverse ninety-five percent of the time. Colour, texture, stitch definition and durability grab my attention. If I am drawn to the yarn, a project idea will present itself to me later on.


Shown below, a few of my completed scarves and cowls, ready for the next fall and winter season, all created using yarn from my established stash. It's a reassuring sight to behold. Something for the future.


What's left over at the end of all of that creating? A collection of remnants in all their colourful, tactile, comfy glory.


Can you Picture It?

lamb cartoon 250
Whenever I pass by an abandoned farm, I imagine rejuvenating the house, the barn, the flower beds and the surrounding fields. I dream of sheep, but not in the usual sense.

Picture it: a small red barn.

A flock of sheep, heads down, grazing on the tender shoots of grass. A large vegetable garden located beside a stone cottage. Rows of lettuce, tomatoes, beans and cauliflower, too beautiful to regard merely as food. Laundry dancing with the wind, straining to be free of wooden clothes pegs. Two restless boarder collies, patrolling the fence line as the sheep graze. Clucking chickens pecking and scratching at the loose dirt bordering the pathway between the barn and cottage.

A long driveway connects the cottage to a dirt road. Gravel crunches as a solitary figure takes the daily stroll to check the mail box. Upon returning, the figure walks past the cottage, stopping to stand beside a round table and lounge chair. One hand drops a few envelopes on the table, while the other brushes against the petals of a rose held captive in a vase.

Camouflaged by the shade of flowering chestnut trees, the figure settles down into the chair. With notebook and pen, she continues on with the creation of stories.

There is a Beauty


There is a beauty to faded wood fences.

We try to prolong the lifecycle of deadwood, but nature has other plans. She always wins once she carries out her persistent attacks of sun, rain, snow and wind throughout the seasons, year upon year.

At some point, the wiser choice is to concede.

Some of the Most Amazing Things


Some of the most amazing things thrive on fallen trees.

Crumbling bark falls to the ground, landing on crispy leaves. Bright green fronds cling to life-giving decay. The scent of damp earth is akin to a perfume when inhaled by a gardener.

Once again, my memory beckons me to partake of a nature walk.