Please scroll down to view an assortment of my past projects in various mediums: acrylics, oil pastels, coloured pencils, watercolours and markers.

joanne's tulips 500
Joanne’s Tulips
Acrylic on Canvas
36” wide x 20” high

In one of my previous occupations, a co-worker purchased a bouquet of tulips in support of a fundraising program. Tossed into an ordinary glass vase, the flowers turned into something extraordinary when the sunlight hit them a certain way. The petals became semi-transparent. I grabbed one of the company’s cameras, took a few snap shots and put paint to canvas.

in the pink 500
In the Pink
Acrylic on Canvas
36” wide x 20” high

There is a particular garden centre nearby which has a man-made pond, complete with an arched walking bridge. Pale pink and ivory-hued flowers floated on a layer of circular leaves.

it's all about the clouds 500
It’s All About the Clouds
Acrylic on Canvas
48” wide x 36” high

Occupied with the imagery of the English Moors and moody skies, I allowed my imagination to travel where it wanted to, in a BIG way.

a trio of sunflowers 500
A Trio of Sunflowers
Acrylic on Canvas Board
8” wide x 10” high

After immersing myself in a bit of research about Vincent Van Gogh (yes, he does appear in one of my books) The left side of my brain must have been affected in a creative way. I had a few silk sunflowers lying around and an empty ceramic vase. Voila. My very own still life adventure!

summer meets autumn 500
Summer Meets Autumn
Acrylic on Canvas Board
14” wide x 10” high

When I visit second-hand stores, I almost always look at framed pictures. I don’t look at the pictures. I’m interested in the frames. In this case, I found a solid oak frame with a not-so-great painting on canvas. Overpainting to the rescue!

leaves and sky 500
A Dance of Light and Leaves
Acrylic on Wood Panel
48” wide x 36” high

Standing under the maple tree located in my front yard, I looked up towards the sky and watched how the sunlight cast shadows through the layered semi-translucence of the newly-opened leaves.

eggs in a nest 500
Beautifully Abandoned
Oil Pastel on Paper
24” high x 22” wide

My sister showed me a photograph she’d taken of an abandoned robin’s nest a few years ago. I became infatuated with the colour and shape of the eggs. Aqua and oval. Such a combination! Beautiful and sad, at the same time.

hens and chickens 500
Hens and Chickens
Oil Pastel on Paper
22” high x 18” wide

The colours and shapes caught my eye. I have a few of these plants scattered throughout my gardens. Some hug rocks. Others spread out to brush against cement paving stones.

autumn sumac 500
Sumac Branches in Autumn
Oil Pastel on Paper
28” wide x 20” high

I noticed a stand of sumacs located in a nearby park during an autumn walk. This particular range of colours on the leaves was something I’d never seen before.

burning bush and limestone 500
Burning Bushes and Limestone Wall
Oil Pastel on Paper
17” wide x 23” high

This particular image was inspired by a solid rock retaining wall located along one side of a very large parking lot. One small bright green shrub stood out against a grouping of fiery red burning bushes, as if to say “don’t look at them, look at me.”

monarch and goldenrod 500
Monarch Butterfly on Goldenrod
Oil Pastel on Paper
16” wide x 23” high

While out walking on a nature trail with my mother, I watched as a monarch butterfly landed on a nearby goldenrod. I hadn’t seen one in a few years. Lucky for me, I had brought my camera along.

red coral 500
Red Coral
Permanent Marker on Paper
22” wide x 16” high

Drawing out a piece of red coral is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time—ever since I’d seen pieces of real coral framed in shadow boxes. Once I found a suitable-sized black metal frame, I set out to create my own.

peacock feather 500
Peacock Feather
Colour Pencils on Paper
8.5” wide x 11” high

Whenever I see peacock feathers, I’m reminded of a fenced yard where we would stop now and again hoping to grab a few discarded feathers laying on the ground. Once or twice, we even saw actual peacocks strutting around throughout the gardens, making an awful ruckus. Let’s just say they’re definitely not song birds.

red amaryllis 500
Red Amaryllis
Watercolour on Paper
8” wide x 10“ high

Mostly seen around Christmas time, these flowers are stunning. Grown from bulbs, I’m always impressed when I see the results of what happens when you add a little water, soil and sunlight.